Triple Net (NNN) vs Full Service Lease Rates

If you have ever leased commercial office space or if you are currently seeking commercial office space to lease, you have no doubt encountered the two most common lease rate calculations of Triple Net (NNN) and Full Service.  The differences can seem subtle but they make a big difference in the actual cost of your office space.

Consider that a Full Service lease rate will include ALL of the expenses in one convenient lease payment while the NNN lease will only included the rent.  It can be quite costly to pay for CAM (Common Area Maintenance) charges, direct utility costs, taxes & insurance costs ON TOP of the lease rate.  Don’t forget to add these costs to a NNN rate – a $15.00/square foot  NNN rate can be a total of $21.00 – $24.00 per square foot in reality.

In my next blog I will give some typical examples of NNN (Triple Net) lease rates and why you need to consider the financial impact to your business before making a decision.


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