About the Author

As the author of the Bell Plaza Professional Building blog, I hope to accomplish a few basic goals.  I would like to promote my investment in Bell Plaza — yes shameless, I know — but I would also like to communicate general information about the commercial office market in the greater Phoenix area, comment on relations between tenants and owners/landlords/managers as well as share information about the current commercial finance market through various resources that I find helpful and relevant.

I have been a real estate investor/manager for the last 13 years.  My background spans the commercial office and multi family industries.  After several years as an executive with a large property management/investment group, I decided to set out on my own.  With a few investors/colleagues that I had worked with for many years, we set out to acquire real estate holdings in the greater Phoenix market.  All of us being Arizona natives – or having been here long enough to be considered one – we believe we understand the Phoenix market quite well.  Our goal is to acquire $50-$80 Million of real estate in a 3-5 year period.  We set out on our first commercial office building acquisition in 2007.

Our management & investment philosophy is very simple – find and acquire under managed, under capitalized assets in otherwise stable markets and hold them for the long term.  Using the term “stable market” by today’s standard sounds delusional but we believe that the long term economic viability of the greater Phoenix market is strong. 

Seeing that while there are many struggles that lay ahead for all of us (including our tenants) there are also many successes to come drove me to start “blogging” about the industry, the tenants, the brokers etc.  While my commentary is presented through the prism of ownership, I will always be diligent to reduce bias.  I try to approach topics of all categories from a “middle of the road” view.  I will have some posts that are clearly addressing only one side of a given issue but this is to maintain intellectual honesty to the given topic.

I hope all who read the Bell Plaza blog will find something useful and I look forward to the feedback.


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